Sigh of Relief Trust

Registered UK Charity no 1142587

Our aim:

    Since 2009, we have been helping friends and families in the Murewa District of Zimbabwe to establish a much-needed primary school at Matenha; there is a strong community in that area, and prior to having a school of their own, the nearest alternative school required a six mile walk in each direction each day. Our charity raised funds to provide roofing materials, enabling the local families and friends to roof and equip the building. We sent a container of goods and equipment for the school, and provided funds for living accommodation to be built for the head teacher.
    We are pleased that the Zimbabwe education authorities agreed that the school could open, and they appointed a head teacher.
    The main aims of the charity having been achieved, we closed this UK charity in February 2018. Many thanks to all who helped over the years since 2009

last update: 28 February 2018